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SACHS 125 CROSS - 1950 €

Sachs 125ccm MotoCross engine for sale. This is one of the rarest engine ever. It has an original and real MC-cylinder and no GS - cylinder. Horsepower is around 30HP with an adjusted pipe. Engine comes out of a 125ccm Moto Gori .

Engine was overhault completly:
new heavy duty racing conrod (up to 14000rpm)
new clutch discs (has 6 friction discs)
new bearings, gaskets and seals
new mc cylinder, new cylinder head and new piston
new 34mm Dellorto carburator
overhault 5-Gang MC-transmission [all shift pins are in very good shape]
new sprocket for 428 chain
front mounting bracket was reconstructed, the original was cracked, the housing/case is a works housing
There are a lot off NOS parts build in.
Price is negotiable .

Contact: Tom Envoyer un message au vendeur
Ville : Germany
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